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Zero Suicide in Health Care | Michael Hogan, PhD

  • Suicide

If you ask people what you should do to help a person who may be suicidal, most—if not all—would say that person should be referred to a health care professional or organization. So it may come as a shock to learn that many health care professionals and organizations do not know what to do…or even consider it their responsibility to do anything. In this provocative talk, Dr. Michael Hogan describes how the Zero Suicide approach aims to improve care and outcomes for individuals at risk of suicide in health care systems.

Michael Hogan, PhD, is an independent advisor and consultant with Hogan Health Solutions. He serves on the Executive Committee of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, a public-private partnership advancing the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention (2012). Dr. Hogan was the Public Sector Co-Lead of the Clinical Care and Intervention Task Force that developed the idea of Zero Suicide; he now co-leads the Zero Suicide Advisory Group which strives to promote suicide prevention as a core component of health care services.

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