While the in-person retreats are geared towards moms, limited in size, and only for first-time attendees, the online retreats and our frequent free ZOOM calls allow for unlimited numbers of moms and dads to participate. Drawing from a variety of mental health professionals, parents with lived experience, and messages from Kay (and occasionally Rick as well), these calls are a rich source of mental health information and advice and increase the sense of community among BREATHE families.


Presenters include highly respected mental health professionals, theologians, and mental health advocates such as Dr. Xavier Amador, Dr. Bruce Perry, Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren, Pete Earley, Dr. Jerry Sittser, Dr. Anita Phillips, Carol Kent, as well as Brooke and Dave Thompson.



BREATHE Zoom Call | May 17, 2023

Common Questions Parents of Younger Children Ask 


It’s concerning and confusing when children or adolescents receive their first diagnosis of a mental health condition or autism; parents are usually unfamiliar with the terminology, treatment options, and how this will affect the child as well as the family. Dr. Esther Park has cared for hundreds of children and families as a Pediatric Psychiatrist and knows this territory well. Please join me and Dr. Park as we talk about common questions parents of younger children ask.