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This Terrible "Club"

For any of you whose loved one took their life / I share your deep grief and anguish. It's a terrible "club" to belong to and I wish none of us did. But here we are - completely shattered by it and yet, for us, we find ourselves leaning into Jesus like never before. No human words are enough - no human strategy for dealing with the grief is enough - it is only in our hope of the resurrection that allows us to hope for our own and for our Matthew.


We have determined not to let the enemy steal anything else from us - he took our son and we refuse to let him steal our peace, our hope, our faith or our joy. We will keep on living - loving every moment God gives us - serving him passionately - working to bring hope and healing to many others who suffer the daily torment of depression and broken minds. It won't be easy - but the illness won't win in our lives.


I'm praying for all of us in this terrible "club" tonight / praying for God's tender mercies to be real in our hearts.

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