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Speaking at Saddleback

Rick and I have decided that both of us will speak this weekend at Saddleback. He has been scheduled to speak for a few weeks, but we realize that it is OUR story - our family's journey. Please pray for both of us - and for Amy and her family, and Josh and his family as they attend a service.


I have had difficulty making it through a regular worship service because of unexpected waves of emotion that crash over me, so to think of speaking at this moment in our grief journey seems ludicrous - yet I am at peace, believing God will fill us with His comforting, energizing, strengthening Holy Spirit. I told someone the other day that I am strong but fragile - so please understand that I don't have the ability to be in a large crowd yet - so know that from the bottom of my heart, I love our church - and our church loves us - and there is no group of people on the face of the earth I would rather be with than you this weekend. We are better together. Keep trusting in the Red Sea God; keep trusting in Jesus, the Lover of your wounded soul, and keep rejoicing through the Holy Spirit.

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