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I am Your Beloved...

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I am Your beloved… not Your bother, or Your burden… but Your beloved. Thank you God, for never turning away from my need no matter how many times I come running. Your first response to me is never to “take a big girl pill” or “chill out.” Your first response is to embrace me, you hold my tears in your hands, your fingers smooth my hair, you whisper shushing noises, you look me in the eye. Then after my tears and fears subside in the safety of your love, you remind me that the monsters that terrify me cannot harm me, the fears that invade my mind can be handled, and that you will never leave me alone to face life. THEN, you tell me to take my big girl pill… to trust, to have faith, to try again, to believe, to have hope, to go back into the dark – that I can do it… that I can make it… I’m so glad I am your beloved. Knowing how much you love me gives the courage I need to survive and thrive.

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Danette Johnson on June 26, 2016 2:11pm

May God bless you! Thank you for fulfilling God's purpose for you and sharing with us! I am touched by your comments! What a blessing!