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Choose Hope Today

It may seem absurd for me, whose son took his life, to tell anyone else to not give up. But what other option do we have as Christ-followers? God is still the Red Sea God, the God of Hope, Jesus is still our Rock and firm foundation and our intercessor - the Holy Spirit is still our comforter, our guide and interprets our deep groans to God - where else would we go?


Having hope is not a magic spell we use to get our way - it simply realigns our hearts towards God in such a way that allows faith to grow and opens the doors to miracles. God is all that remains constant - our hope is IN HIM. Our hope is in a Person, not a particular outcome. With that said, it is always better to hope for the best rather than the worst in life, the best in people we love, rather than the worst. Christ-followers have it all - hope for today AND hope for tomorrow.


The Bible says "these three remain: faith, hope, and love." (1 Corinthians 13:13) These are the irreducible minimum facets of following Jesus. Choose hope today!


PS - those of you who are doing ok - don't jump all over those who aren't! Chastising someone who is struggling is not helpful at all! If depression is a constant companion, the last thing you need to hear is some syrupy-sweet Christian cheerleader telling you to just feel better! Oh, if only it was that simple! My posts on hope are to encourage those of you doing well to stay strong for those in desperate need of compassion and hope - not to beat up on those in pain telling them to try harder.


Let's be gentle with each other today.

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