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The Shameful Stain of Racism

Racism is a shameful stain on our nation's past and present, and more importantly, a shameful stain on the Church of Jesus Christ. We must recognize it, fully own it, and repent of it. Ephesians 2:11-22 is clear - ALL people stand equally condemned, needing a Savior - but praise God!! Under the cross of Jesus, with his life-blood pouring over us, we are all equally forgiven and given new life. All the walls of hostility that kept us divided and separate are wiped away with our guilt by His blood.


In Christ, we are now one new entity - not black, white, brown, short, tall, man, woman, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party, Catholic, Protestant - we are now part of a brand new entity that never existed before: His Body, the Church. The dividing wall has been removed and Jesus is our peace; He restored us to each other by putting us IN Himself - and now, we are part of the same household, fellow citizens of the same Kingdom.


All that's left to do is to confess and repent of the uncomfortable truth - that racism lurks in every heart - that sometimes I act like the dividing wall of hostility is still firmly in place. Please forgive me, Lord, of the sin hidden deep in my heart - especially the evil that lies in wait ready to ambush me in places I'm not even aware of. May I daily - moment by moment - live out the truth that I and my brothers and sisters in Christ are being built into a purified, cleansed, holy dwelling place fit for you, our King... our Peace.

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