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Mental Health on Air (Part 1): Healthy Minds, Resilient Communities

  • Global Mental Health

"Mental Health on Air" is a three-part documentary by Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco that highlights the importance of youth mental health in Tanzania and Malawi and showcases the impact of an innovative mental health program. The partnership between Farm Radio International and Dr. Stan Kutcher of has started a dialogue around depression and improved mental health services in two countries: Malawi and Tanzania.

Until a few years ago, there was no word for depression in Chichewa, one of the main languages spoken in Malawi. This made it difficult to talk about depression, a disease that keeps five to seven per cent of youth from participating in school, home life and work. In many countries, mental health issues are overlooked as a health priority, as communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria are seen as more pressing challenges. As a result, youth suffering from a mental illness such as depression often have a difficult time knowing what is wrong and where to go to get help, and their friends and family members are left unable to provide support.

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