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Eating Disorders and Food Issues | Hope for Mental Health Community

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The holidays are right around the corner, bringing excitement, pleasure and even perhaps the resumption of in-person celebrations for you and your family this year. We are overdue for all the goodness the holidays bring to us! We’re also realistic enough to know that there might be some stressful situations ahead - relational conflict, mental health challenges, and financial pressure. One aspect of the holidays that we don’t pay enough attention to is how disordered eating and eating disorders are heightened during the holiday season.


Constance Rhodes knows this journey well. She has experienced watching a loved one struggle with an eating disorder and has worked through her own eating disorder recovery journey as well. She is the founder of FINDINGbalance, a nonprofit committed to providing easily accessible Christ-centered resources for people seeking freedom from food issues. She is the author of two books, “Life Inside the Thin Cage: A Personal Look into the Hidden World of the Chronic Dieter” and “The Art of Being: Reflections on the Beauty and the Risk of Embracing Who We Are.” In addition to her work with eating disorders, Constance is also a certified life-coach and branding consultant. She is passionate about helping people in every field walk in freedom and use their TRUE VOICE to accomplish God’s ultimate purpose for their lives.


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