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COVID, Mental Health, and Self-Care During the Holidays | Hope for Mental Health Community

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It is hard to believe the holidays are upon us. For many, the holidays bring mixed emotions. In the midst of all the Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas messages full of cheer and excitement, difficult relational dynamics and complicated life circumstances can make the holidays a painful and lonely time. This year, there is the added complication of it being 2020 – COVID, pain from racial injustice, and a contentious election! The holidays look different than they ever have before!


Please join us for our monthly online Hope for Mental Health Community as Kay has an honest conversation about COVID, mental health, and self-care during the holidays. She is joined by Rugena Duff, a minister on the Saddleback pastoral care team, Colton Harker, a pastor on the college ministry team, and Meaghan and Ken Grider, who serve as directors of the Lake Forest Celebrate Recovery ministry. They share their wisdom on how they have navigated the holiday season while also taking care of themselves and their health. Don’t miss this encouraging, real, and honest conversation.


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