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Adverse Childhood Experiences: When Chronic Stress and Adversity Can Lead to Lifelong Health Consequences

  • The 2015 Gathering on Mental Health and the Church
  • Family & Friends
  • Children's Mental Health
  • PTSD
  • Trauma

A message from Alice Forrester, PhD – Executive Director, Clifford Beers Child Guidance Clinic.

Many children are exposed to complex stressors that are termed "Adverse Childhood Experiences" (ACES).  These ACES can include domestic violence, parental substance abuse, and traumatic loss.  The effects of untreated ACES can result in poor health, impaired brain development, disrupted relationships, and mental health issues.  If addressed, children can make a resilient recovery.  This presentation reviews the research on ACES and examines what we might do to address the widespread but largely ignored epidemic. 

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