The Purpose Driven Church: Every Church is Big in God's Eyes

The Purpose Driven Church: Every Church is Big in God's Eyes

Every church is driven by something. Tradition, finances, programs, personalities, events, seekers and even buildings can each be the controlling force in a church. But Rick Warren believes that in order for a church to be healthy it must become a purpose driven church, built around the five New Testament purposes given to the church by Jesus.

"The issue is church health, not church growth!" declares Warren. "If your church is healthy, growth will occur naturally. Healthy, consistent growth is the result of balancing the five biblical purposes of the church."

In this landmark book, you'll learn the secret behind one of the fastest growing churches in American history. Saddleback Church grew from one family to over 10,000 in worship attendance in its first fifteen years, while planting twenty-six other churches and without owning a building. In the past ten years, Saddleback Church has grown to over 20,000 at its Lake Forest campus, plus several satellite campuses throughout Orange County, several international campuses, and an online campus.

Founding Pastor Rick Warren shares a proven five-part strategy that will enable your church to grow . . .

  • Warmer through fellowship
  • Deeper through discipleship
  • Stronger through worship
  • Broader through ministry
  • And larger through evangelism

The Purpose Driven Church shifts the focus away from church building programs to emphasizing a people-building process. Warren says, "If you will concentrate on building people, God will build the church." Discover practical insights and helpful principles that Rick Warren has taught to over 300,000 pastors and church leaders around the world.

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