The Connection: Where Hearts Meet Study Kit

The Connection: Where Hearts Meet Study Kit

This interactive small group study is designed to help you and your child build a lasting, loving connection. You will be encouraged and equipped with practical help based on Biblical truths and research-based interventions specifically developed for adoptive or foster care families.

In these 13 small group lessons, Dr. Karyn Purvis, author of The Connected Child, and Elizabeth Styffe, share how to successfully:

  • Provide for your child holistically: body, soul and spirit
  • Understand what causes difficult behavior and how to respond to it
  • Replace your child's maladaptive survival skills
  • Identify and disarm your child's fear responses
  • Teach your child new life values
  • Navigate your personal challenges as a parent

All families at times face struggles and difficulties, but for families who adopt or foster children who have come from the "hard places", those struggles and difficulties are often greatly increased in intensity and complexity. This study is designed to help you change the way you relate to your child and bring healing to his or her heart.

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