Children, Teens and Suicide Loss

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Dougy Center: The National Grief Center for Children Families, have developed Children, Teens and Suicide Loss, a guidebook designed specifically to help families with children and teens, who are survivors of a suicide death, better address their complex practical and emotional needs.

Niños, Adolescentes y Pérdida por Suicidio (Spanish language version) available here


"The suicide death of a parent, sibling, or friend impacts children and teens forever. Children, Teens and Suicide Loss offers useful suggestions and practical ways to support bereaved children and their families. Included are tips on understanding and explaining why people die of suicide, navigating the immediate aftermath of the death, and ways to facilitate healthy grieving. This resource will help parents, professionals who work with children and teens, as well as anyone who wants to support a family bereaved after the suicide death of a loved one," said Donna Schuurman, Ed.D, F.T., Senior Director for Advocacy and Training of Dougy Center: The National Grief Center for Children & Families.

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