Celebrate Recovery Curriculum Kit

Kick off Celebrate Recovery in your church the right way!

See what more than 30,000 churches and 4 million people worldwide have discovered! Celebrate Recovery isn't just a program — it's a means toward complete restoration and transformation based on 8 Christ-centered life principles.

And the best way to kick off Celebrate Recovery in your church is with this curriculum kit!

Providing you with all the support you need to cast the vision for Celebrate Recovery, this resource will help your congregation get started on God's road to wholeness, growth, and spiritual maturity.

The kit includes:

  • 1 leader's guide
  • 1 each of The Journey Begins participant's guides #1-4
  • 1 each of The Journey Continues participant's guides #5-8
  • 1 Resource USB which contains: pastor's resources including sermon transcripts, MP3 sermons, and three videos featuring John Baker, Johnny Baker, and Rick Warren; leader's resource including 25 customizable lessons from The Journey Begins curriculum and three videos featuring John Baker, Johnny Baker, and Rick Warren
  • 1 personal size Celebrate Recovery Study Bible
  • 1 copy of Your First Step to Celebrate Recovery
  • 1 copy of Celebrate Recovery Booklet: 28 Devotions

It's time for your congregation to stop looking back and start looking forward to God's future for them — a future worth celebrating!

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