Journey Toward Hope Support Group


Life can be challenging, isolating, and painful. This personal guide seeks to ground you in five truths about who you are: you are loved, you have a purpose, you belong, you have a choice, and you are needed. The pages are filled with Scripture, experiential practices, prayers, space to journal, and personal stories to help move you toward hope. Use this guide as a journey on your own or go through it in a group setting. 

Journey Toward Hope: Discussion Group Leader's Guide


This Leader's Guide is designed to help groups of people go through the Journey Toward Hope : A Guided Experience together. Purchase your copy today by clicking on the button below. We are praying for you and your group as you take courageous steps to seek hope in your life.





Order Journey Toward Hope: A Guided Experience


Journey Toward Hope: A Guided Experience is available for individuals to go through on their own or in a group with others. Each participant in a group will need their own copy. Click on the button below to order.




I pray these hopeful truths will keep you anchored and tethered to life. You are not alone! Please join me as we walk through the ups and downs, rough spots and better times, dark days and days of blazing sunshine arm in arm...toward hope.

 -Kay Warren