Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?

11.11.14 | by Kay Warren

Has God ever stomped on your chips? You know…those messy moments of life when God answers your prayers in a manner completely different than expected but in exactly the way you need?

And here’s another question: do you trust God even when He answers your prayers in a way that’s completely different than your expectations?

“I said, ‘Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.'” (Psalm 55:6)

When we’re going through hard times, it’s easy to think we’re the only ones going through it. But here’s the truth: we are not alone.

We have a God who sees us when we are weak, tired and empty. In Isaiah 40, God’s promise of strength, energy & the ability to soar like an eagle is given to those without energy and to the weak. The promise of “soaring” isn’t for the strong; it’s for the weak. God’s promise is to those of us who feel powerless, weak and tired.

So, what is He promising? He doesn’t say “rest” or “comfort,” but rather “strength” and “vitality.” And in the midst of His promise, God gives us the picture of an eagle—a majestic, fierce bird that can fly higher and farther than other birds. God is saying, “What I want to give to you is on a large scale. I want you to fly high and long. I want to give you the ability to see what other’s can’t see. I want to make you strong.”

We are called to live as real women, not cardboard copies, showing an example of what it’s like to live in both the sorrow and the joy. God is good, we need to trust Him and praise Him no matter what.