Dear Friends,


Pastor Rick and I know what it’s like to walk the long journey of mental illness with a child. Our son, Matthew, was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety as a young child, and later, with chronic suicidality, OCD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. We sought the best help we could find for Matthew, but were frustrated by a mental health system that frequently lacked coordination, availability, and accessibility. Additionally, we often felt isolated and alone on the journey, misunderstood and judged by others, and sad that we could not get the help our dear son needed to survive and thrive.


Over time, we began to realize that we, too, needed to find ways to take care of ourselves while continuing to be engaged in our son’s care. Rick and I developed habits and practices that strengthened our spiritual, emotional, and physical health and created ways to “breathe” in the middle of incredible stress. 


BREATHE events provide parents of children with mental illness opportunities to talk about the reality of the struggle, grieve together, and point each other toward hope. These encouraging events include free Zoom calls, as well as low-cost online and in-person retreats at the Capistrano Retreat Center in San Juan Capistrano, CA. If you have a child of any age who has mental illness, you are invited to attend a BREATHE event.


Stay up to date at to find additional information, learn about upcoming events, and browse helpful resources and products.


Kay Warren