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Mental Health Courts | BREATHE Call with Kay Warren & Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren

  • Breathe

Click here for a list of resources referenced in today's call, as well as additional mental health resources.  


Serious mental illness can lead to a repetitive pattern of relative stability, decompensation, crisis, periods of substance misuse, homelessness, perhaps hospitalization, or arrest, incarceration, and eventual release. Many parents are at a loss of how to get the appropriate care for their loved ones when they encounter the confusing maze of our legal system.


Judge Lerner-Wren was elected Broward County Court Judge, (17th Judicial Circuit, Florida) in 1997 where she pioneered the first specialized Mental Health Court in America dedicated to the decriminalization and diversion of persons arrested with mental illness, and neuro-cognitive disorders, from a dignity, human rights, and recovery framework. Since 1997 she has used her wisdom and compassion to bring mental health care to individuals in our judicial system who need treatment rather than punishment while ensuring public safety.