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Hope for Mental Health Community | When God Seems Absent: Mental Health, Dementia, and Disability

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Our world continues to face intense challenges and uncertainty. For many, these months have been heavy – with increased stress, fear, and loneliness. The quick and sudden changes, as well as the suffering, have affected all of us, particularly people experiencing mental health challenges, dementia, or disability. In the presence of such challenges, it can sometimes be hard to feel or experience God’s presence and love. Many people are walking through deep darkness and wondering where God is in their pain.

I hope you will join us for our monthly online Hope for Mental Health Community as Dr. John Swinton, theologian and professor at the University of Aberdeen, shares a compassionate and hopeful word about God’s presence in our suffering. Dr. Swinton worked for over a decade as a registered mental health nurse, then as a hospital and community mental health chaplain, and now is a theologian and professor whose work focuses on mental health, dementia, and disability theology. He shares what he has learned from his roles as medical professional, researcher, and theologian and helps us remember the hope that God is present with each of us in our suffering.