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Finding Community Through Support Groups | Hope for Mental Health Community

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The world can be a lonely place sometimes, especially if you or a loved one live with mental illness. It’s not always easy to find a safe community of people who are quick to listen, slow to judge, and generous in their compassion. A support group of men and women who have faced some of the same obstacles and roadblocks you have and are willing to walk on the path to recovery with you can be a life-giving source of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration.


Joe Padilla joins the Saddleback Church Hope for Mental Health Community to talk about support groups and how they can be helpful. In 2011, Joe co-founded Mental Health Grace Alliance (MHGA) and co-authored MHGA’s Christian mental health small group curriculums, coaching, and training programs with positive outcomes published in four psychological journals. Today, MHGA has established one of the largest Christian mental health small group networks worldwide, with over 880 groups and thousands utilizing their curriculums in 25 countries.


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