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Summer Institute

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Location: Azusa Pacific University, 901 East Alosta Avenue, Azusa, CA US 91702


The vision of the Summer Institute on Theology and Disability is to expand the depth and breadth of theological inquiry and resources that address and include the gifts, needs, and contributions of people with disabilities and their families to theological learning and religious practice. The Summer Institute words toward that vision by:

  • Sponsoring a week long intensive institute that brings together leading scholars and writers in the areas of theology and disability with clergy, religious leaders, practitioners, laity and others who are interested and involved in inclusive ministries and father supports.
  • Affirming and exploring the ways that disability impacts all of the major theological disciplines as well as the many dimension of religious life and faith community practices.
  • Recognizing and celebrating the ways that the integration of theology and practice mutually inform and support one another.
  • Appreciating the diversity of perspectives that come from scholars, practitioners, and people with disabilities and their families from a wide range of religious traditions and from a wide array of experiences with disability. The Institute aspires to be a "big tent," where everyone can speak from their particular background and experience while also respecting the same in others. We meeting one another in an I-Thou framework that hopefully sports personal sharing, careful listening, and mutual learning.
  • Building a national/international event that is recognized for those contributions while also making the key resources from the Summer Institutes available and accessible to everyone interested.

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