Goodnight Kisses

02.18.15 | by Saddleback Church

For most of her young life, six-year-old Marie went to sleep each night in a Rwandan orphanage dormitory with more than 20 other girls, praying for a mother to tell her goodnight. Every morning she awoke without a mother to dress her in clean clothes, ate breakfast in a room with 100 other children, and had no one who cared if she had enough food to eat.

Bellia made the decision to become a Community PEACE Trainer – a volunteer who trains families from her church about healthcare. She also began assisting families who had been reunited with or adopted orphaned children by visiting their homes and giving parenting support. Most incredibly, she was able to adopt Marie and give her a family. “I decided God has done well for me, so I will do well for God’s kids,” Bellia says.